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Robots into all walks of life in the future or will be everywhere

  Perhaps, you already know the existence of driverless cars, but you may not have given their effect on driving to work in the future. Since 2015, the United States, Nevada began testing automated driving trucks, mining giant Rio tinto (buying riversdale) have been deployed in mines in Australia this vehicle. Rio tinto, pointed out that the robot has not only become more efficient, but also can save a large sum of money. According to the expected, because they no longer need to driving personnel, every truck cost savings can be as high as $100000 a year.
  Robot trains, meanwhile, it is very common, especially artificial intelligence trams. In Germany, VGF and Ustra trolley operators have invested two automatic drive streetcars cruise system, VGF USES is stereo camera technology, while Ustra USES a combination of the cameras and radar technology. It is estimated that by effectively reduce the incidence of traffic accidents, the automatic cruise system is expected to recover the cost in two years.
  In Helsinki, Finland, small unmanned bus has launched a test plan. At the same time, Mercedes - Benz in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has launched a series of unmanned bus. In Britain, the government officials are also very keen to introduce unmanned vehicles to the British public.
  In addition to car drivers, bicycle, but also of Courier and delivery drivers to work. Amazon and Google are planning to use drones to provide delivery package project, British JustEat reservation website launched six freight service the robot in the streets of London.
  The robot in the factory
  Before a long time, the delivery has been seen, industrial robot, the robot is very common in the automobile manufacture factory. In recent years, the factory in the robot revolution began growing trend. Earlier this year, apple and samsung‘s supplier foxconn said, will use robots to replace 60000 employees, by 2020 to 30% of the work performed by robots. And dongguan have created the world‘s first fully robotic factories, in September 2014 to 2015, the investment amount is 3.8 billion yuan, will replace the 30000 employees work.
  The more repetitive work, the more easy to be replaced by automatic robot. Supermarket cashier, maybe in the future will be replaced by robot, it can greatly reduce the supermarket, and more energy to prevent theft and fraud.
  The robot in office
  IBM‘s Watson artificial intelligence can become a successful medical experts, and earlier this year as the world‘s first artificial intelligence a lawyer. Accountants are also worried about were replaced by a meticulous robot, even in the so-called creative work, such as literature, robots are also no less. Google developed an artificial intelligence is trying to write a science fiction, a robot of artificial intelligence can write stories in Japan, and also passed the national literacy prize in the first round of screening.
  Researchers at the university of London, has created an algorithm that can scan, analysis, and represent the personal handwriting, realize the real ones. Ironically, in order to people is on the another road, they are increasingly using the network emoticons and GIF images, to replace the text.
  The robot can also work in the reception center and call center. Maybe, you received a phone is with a set of skilled native language talk with you, but it may actually be the telephone marketing recorded the programmer in advance.
  Robot is not only able to make a phone call, but also able to answer the phone. After answering the telephone, all sorts of problems can handle customer consultation, without human intervention. At the same time, also began to enter all kinds of artificial intelligence applications, including apple‘s Siri, Alexa GoogleNow, amazon and Microsoft Cortana, etc.
  The robot on the stage
  Even, the robot will also start walked onto the stage. German heavy metal band Compressorhead is the world‘s first robot band, the group of robots are now able to debunk play heavy metal music. This is only the beginning, the future will be more and more such robot band, even gradually replace traditional the music room.
  In addition to the synthesizer, sampling and automatic tuner, the software will completely replace the real musicians. Apple music creation software Garageband and LogicPro astonishing performance can even surpass real drummer, continuously improve the Vocaloid software also and the original is very close to.
  At the same time, the electronic music tools is becoming more and more intelligent. Through the holographic projection, you can see the dead famous musician dedication to play back stage. If you have heard at the beginning of Japan‘s biggest pop music star mark writing songs, you will understand this kind of software to make music may be better than the original.
  Domestic robots
  In addition to the above work, the robot can do the work and family care, and they will be more intimate than humans do. Japan‘s ageing is a very serious country, the aging crisis has led to the emergence of the word Kodokushi, namely "lonely death". , according to data from due to lack of care, Tokyo, Japan every year about 4000 old people died in loneliness. So, the relevant solutions? That is Robear.
  Robear, as the name suggests, he is a bear. Will choose the shape of a bear, is mainly because the animal is strong, and cute, researchers hope they can become care robot, which can be used to take care of the lonely old man. At present, Robear sells for about $250000, and it is a very early prototype. However, this kind of robot will inevitably, increasingly appeared in the elderly care, at least in Japan.
  Robots will be everywhere
  Of course, some jobs are safe, soldier? Russia‘s iron man is designed to replace the warrior‘s real terminator. The butcher? They also can be replaced by robots. The railroad workers? Robot is no reason not to replace them. In fact, it has been proved that when the robots, the safest place will be a bar. Reports from the BBC, the tax collectors or licensed premises of managers is the most not easy to realize automation.