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Layout analysis in the field of industrial robot market in China

  "Made in China 2025" launched comprehensively, drives the pace of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing speed, industrial robot as an important implement of intelligent manufacturing base, industry application requirements show explosive growth, industry chain upstream and downstream manufacturers to increase the intensity of industrial robot service supply, new features appear in the market layout.
  Robot to Harbin institute of technology group and hefei project signing ceremony is held in the open area, the two sides will through the downstream system integration technology, production, and project cooperation and promotion industry services, etc. That makes the collection research and development production, manufacturing and services for the integration of industrial cluster. On this, the surrounding domestic market layout trend and the trend in the field of industrial robot, the brief analysis of the following:
  A situation, the domestic market in the field of industrial robot layout
  Ontology manufacturing enterprise main industrial chain extension, build ecological industrial robot
  Ontology manufacturing enterprise m&a ecosystem building layout, actively carry out cooperation preemption industrial robot development the commanding heights. Core components depend on the high cost of imports to domestic robots, ontology manufacturing enterprises is difficult to have bargaining power. Take advantage of the industrial chain middle position, ontology manufacturers began to expand their business chain, to seek long-term development. Industrial chain upstream, active layout key core components business ontology manufacturing enterprises, reduce the manufacturing cost of ontology; Downstream of the industrial chain, ontology manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the expansion of system integration services, forming a profit center. Built by through upstream and downstream industry chain, ontology manufacturing enterprises "parts research and manufacture, system integration and industry application of ontology" four one of the industrial robot ecological system, and through the industrial chain synergy to expand the high-end application of industrial robots. Ace‘s acquisition of Shanghai praxair‘s 100% stake in 76 million yuan, drive robot applications in die casting industry, expand the business space.
  Extend software business system integration manufacturer, factory output wisdom solution
  System integration manufacturer by the hardware integration to the integration of hard and soft integration transformation, system solutions for industry application launch wisdom factory. System integrators in the robotics industry chain downstream end, provides the design scheme for the client, the domestic system integrators have channel advantage, price advantage, engineers, bonuses, etc., can quickly join robot research and development and production. As the hardware product price decline year by year, increasingly fierce competition in the field of robot hardware and software system integration. According to the forecast, to 2020 domestic robot system integration market will reach 200 billion yuan. System integration manufacturer industrial robot as the core, with the line, warehousing logistics supply chain, realize the integration, strengthening the back-end and front-end applications, and provide flexible according to different industries and customer demand, customized solutions. Pine technology industrial 4.0 strategic cooperation agreement with Bosch rexroth, integrated products and solutions, common for manufacturers to provide industrial 4.0 software and hardware integration turnkey solutions.