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Lighting industry into the era of Internet of things

  On August 17, in the annual media conference, philips lighting China chief Wang Yun said, "today, we ushered in the comprehensive intelligent Internet era of the Internet of things. Our demand for lighting, independent, is no longer simply illuminated space lighting provided is no longer the light source, lamps and lanterns, and other products, but contains a comprehensive solution of systems and services."
  At present, as lighting industry leader in the Internet age, starting from philips lighting products, system, under the digital trend with strong ability to innovate continuously deepen innovation, to provide users with better lighting experience. At the same time, philips lighting will also advanced smart + connected lighting technology used in home lighting, provide people with more intelligent and comfortable quality living.
  It is reported, philips lighting business covers outdoor, retail, office and hotel industry and household lighting and other fields, from light source, lamps and lanterns, products, systems to service a full range of lighting solutions. In the Internet rapid development today, under the premise of philips in energy conservation and environmental protection, will promote the development of the Internet of things of lighting industry.