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Standards is the key to the success of intelligent manufacturing

  On August 22, the national standardization of intelligent manufacturing coordination TuiJinZu, general technology team and expert consulting group meeting and the general meeting was held in Beijing for the first time. The ministry of industry and information vice-minister xin guobin to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.
  Xin guobin, points out that to be in accordance with the "market traction, multipath. We give priority to with me," development ideas, out of an intelligent manufacturing development road with Chinese characteristics. He stressed, intelligent manufacture, the standard first, pays special attention to the formulation of the standards is the key to the success of intelligent manufacturing work. The miit joint Treasury launched in 2015 and 2016, a total of 81 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardized test project, mainly around the bottleneck restricting the development of intelligent manufacturing, launched a number of intelligent manufacturing basic common standards and industry application of the standard system revision work. Standardized at the same time, actively carry out international cooperation, joint national standard committee and the German federal economy and the department of energy (doe), Germany standard association jointly established the china-germany intelligent manufacturing/industrial 4.0 standard working group, in the field of intelligent manufacturing system architecture and key standards on pragmatic cooperation.
  Xin guobin puts forward four requirements to intelligent manufacturing standardization work, it is to should be based on the state of independent development; 2 it is to pay attention to with the international standard of cohesion; Three is to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation of all parties concerned. Four is to strengthen the standard test and stable cross training. He added, with three of the working group was set up as an opportunity to work in the form of organization innovation, mechanism innovation as the means, integrating resources, forming resultant force, construction meet the demand of industry development, advanced system of intelligent manufacturing standards shall apply.
  Also at the meeting, the national standardization of intelligent manufacturing teeg was inaugurated, and held the teeg general meeting for the first time, reviewed the work rules of the group and 2016 work plan. At the same time, the expert group, intelligent manufacturing in 2016 the first batch of standard project proposal for technical review.