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Machine tool transformation and upgrading of enterprises What should the senior skilled worker to come from

  What is the most expensive in the 21st century? The talent! Just started in 2016, the joke didn‘t go round: Chinese senior technicians gap as high as millions, professional engineers can be search as a national protected animal.
  Now 4.0 wave hit, industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to seek, and intelligent speed is accelerated, the past can only do some no technical content of the mechanical action of workers obviously can‘t satisfy the demand of the factory. Some of China‘s big cities such as dongguan, shenzhen mechanic gap as high as 30%. Treatment since it is so attractive that is supposed to have more people into the industry, but why China‘s shortage of senior skilled worker calls moan for so many years, the senior skilled worker is still on the market every year during childbirth?
  First, senior skilled worker lacks. The cultivation of the school system behind China‘s exam-oriented education has always been a criticism on talent cultivation to exam, blindly pass, graduation rates, caused the school to student‘s professional knowledge granted tend to deviate from the actual application, this phenomenon is more serious in the mechanic education.
  Second, the company didn‘t have enough talent consciousness from an early spring growth of the society to a can act as a engineer, old staff guidance and education is extremely important.
  Third, China has long entrenched the contempt of blue-collar workers and labor workers, blindly respected superior environment, clean white-collar life, is also a major factor causing serious lack of senior skilled worker.
  Was reported in 2016, however, coastal enterprises labor shortage continues, tens of thousands of high salary is hard to please to return. One punch experience 10 years return once said, those who master hand out of the error, you let young people today it is a good machine all can not do it.